Conferences and Meetings

Dedan Kimathi University Wildlife Conservancy is the perfect location for your conference, meeting, or event. Guests can choose to stay with us in the conservancy or we can arrange for off-site accommodations.


  • Walking Safaris and Nature Trails

Our rangers know the trails and woods like their own homes, and are happy to help you track wildlife throughout the conservancy. There is no fee for a walking safari – simply arrange with our reception and tip your guide for their services. You are also welcome to venture into the meadows or self-guided trails on your own – just beware that animals may charge when startled.

There are a number of clearly marked self-guided nature trails for you to explore in the conservancy. We advise that you do not venture off of the trails or open meadows in the conservancy, as some animals may charge when startled. Interested in doing some bush-whacking? Simply inquire at the reception, and we would be happy to arrange for one of our experienced rangers to accompany you on an off-trail hike.

  • Bird watching

The best time for viewing the many bird species at DeKUWC is early in the morning – around 5 or 6 am. Grab your binoculars and pick up a bird guide from the reception, and you’re ready to go! Click here for a list of birds.

  • Camping

There are campsites available at the conservancy, complete with running water and restrooms. Choose between pitching your tent on the forest floor or up in the trees on one of our tent platforms. Whatever your choice, our campsite offers a secluded wilderness experience where nature lovers can enjoy the sounds of the forest under the night sky. All camping equipment is available for hire at the reception.

  • Guides

The conservancy employs experienced rangers that provide security and guiding in the conservancy 24 hours per day.

All cottages and rooms are self-contained and equipped to serve all of your needs, and camping gear is available for hire at the reception. However our altitude and proximity to Mt. Kenya can make the weather cool and wet at times. To make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable, be sure to bring the following items:
• Binoculars
• Rain Jacket
• Flashlights
• Insect Repellent
• Gumboots
• Camera

  •  Education
  • Accommodation

Our accommodation facilities are very pocket friendly, taking care of budget to Luxury travelers without compromising standards. The accommodation type ranges from a campsite where you can pitch your own tents or rent from us, to VIP self contained tents and Guest rooms. Our services are unmatched and offer a silent, adventurous and peaceful atmosphere; all that our esteemed visitors require.